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Like a Phoenix from the ashes...almost

Updated: Mar 7, 2020


Apologies for euphemistic license - it's a bit over-dramatic really. Aligners were La Scala but the name wasn't doing them any favours so a change was required. The line-up is the same; Nathan Greenfield on vocals/guitars, Elliot on lead guitar, Kurtis on drums/vocals and Arthur Pennington on bass.

Who are these people? All four band members are currently studying at Priestley College in Warrington. They are all studying music or music production and in Arthur's case, Law also. We're not clear why he is studying law but we are sure it will come in useful later(!). Although you may hear them play the odd cover version the band pride themselves on writing their own music. Each of them is a talented musician playing more than one instrument and contributing to the creative process. They describe their music as Indie Rock and Roll but best not to label it - it stands up on it's own without the confines of genre. It just is.

What's to come? The lads are staring tour dates in March so please take a look at the Upcoming Gigs page for more details. The fellas have also spent some time int he recording studios this week. They're really pleased with the end result; a new track Sixties Hearse has been produced along with a remastered version of Hours. Check these out on the video page...

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